Senator Pryor Repeated President Obama’s Lie Of The Year

Senator Pryor repeated President Obama’s broken promise, telling Arkansans if they like their insurance, they can keep it. But Obamacare has cancelled the health insurance policies of almost 5 million Americans. So if you like your Senator, you can keep him. If not, you know what to do …

Senator Mark Pryor Not Only Voted For Obamacare, He CONTINUES To Defend President Obama’s Failed Healthcare Law.

How out-of-touch is Senator Mark Pryor? He’s voted with President Obama 95% of the time. Pryor even says Obamacare has been “an amazing success.” An amazing success? Millions of Americans are seeing their premiums skyrocket. Millions more have had their health insurance cancelled. And Obamacare cut over $700 billion from Medicare, increasing healthcare costs for current Medicare beneficiaries. Tell Senator Pryor that Obamacare is NOT “an amazing success.”

Senator Mark Pryor voted for Obamacare. Millions are paying more for their healthcare because of it. Millions more had their plans cancelled. And Obamacare cuts $716 billion from Medicare, including over $200 million from Medicare Advantage. But does Senator Pryor regret his vote?

REPORTER: Knowing now what you know now, would you have voted for this back then?
PRYOR: You know, I would have.

Are you sure?

REPORTER: Are you second-guessing your support of Obamacare?

PRYOR: No, Actually I’m not. It actually is working in a lot of ways.

When Senator Pryor votes 95% of the time with President Obama, he’s putting Obama first, not Arkansas.

Senator Mark Pryor votes 95% with President Obama, and it’s costing us jobs. The Congressional Budget Office says that Senator Pryor’s vote for Obamacare will cost us nearly 3 million jobs. Workers all across the country are seeing their hours cut because of Obamacare, and their take-home pay is shrinking. But what does Senator Pryor say?

PRYOR: This bill isn’t killing jobs, this bill is creating jobs.

Senator Pryor’s support for Obamacare is simply out-of-touch.

How out-of-touch is Senator Mark Pryor? He thinks Obamacare is working for Arkansas.

PRYOR: I came to the conclusion that the Affordable Care Act was the right thing for Arkansas. And I think you can look and see, it’s already starting to work.

But Pryor’s vote for Obamacare cut $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Pryor cut over $200 billion from Medicare Advantage. Now Arkansas seniors are seeing their rates increase. Others are losing their doctors.

Senator Pryor chose President Obama over Arkansas. Now Arkansas’s seniors are paying the price.